I would like to start by thanking the Rotorworks team for the experience of a lifetime! My hat is off to both Jim and Ryan for everything you provide to all of your students.
While training at Rotorworks I felt extremely fortunate to work with such an experienced and professional pair of instructors. Not only was training fun, but more importantly it was effective. Both Jim and Ryan carry a wealth of knowledge and are very experienced pilots! What made the Rotorworks experience awesome was Jim and Ryan’s methods of passing their own skills and knowledge onto students both in the classroom and cockpit.
The one on one training with each instructor was key in the development of my skills and understanding of all aspects to rotor wing flight. Each instructor carries very unique ways of delivering knowledge and expertise which helped me break through plateaus in my training.
Rotorworks gave me a life experience I feel I could not have received anywhere else. During my training I was presented with realistic operational tasks and flying conditions that required sharp skills and the ability to exercise and understand the limitations of the helicopter.
Above all of that, they accommodated my very challenging and sporadic schedule. Without Jim and Ryan’s extra work and devotion, I would have never dreamt of having the time available to attend helicopter school and become a commercial helicopter pilot.
I am a very proud graduate of Rotorworks! Without hesitation I encourage anyone considering helicopter training to put Rotorworks to the very top of their list of schools to attend.

Kevin Hayduk
Business Manager/Owner
Range Helicopters Ltd