Rotorworks had a few students graduate with their Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence this spring. 

Pat Herren finished his training and is working with Airborne Energy Solutions next door to us, and has been with them since January. He has been completing his licence part time after he was hired at Airborne.

Justin Thebeau completed his training in May and is working as an operator north of Hinton, Alberta. He is considering working as a pilot/operator in the future.
Joe Lister completed his Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence in June and has been hired by Airborne Energy Solutions. He will be helping with a helicopter spray program throughout the summer.
Dan Stevens finished his licence in April and went farming until June. Now he’s in the Northwest Territories flying a helicopter in support of their family run Mackenzie Mountain Outfitters Ltd.
Rob Cotter took a break this summer to do some aerial application flying in Saskatchewan and supporting Blackhawk Helicopters spray program later this year.

Pat Herren with the Robinson R44 beside the Athabasca River Pat Herren after his R44 flight
Justin Thebeau took his family for a flight Justin with his Grandmother and his girlfriend Amanda after their flight
Joe Lister with the Robinson R22 Joe Lister in the R44 by the Athabasca River
Dan Steven’s with his R44 Rob Cotter