Joey Lister came up from Lloydminster Alberta to check out Rotorworks as he is looking to get his commercial helicopter licence. The day he arrived was snowing, and after we talked about the school and the helicopter industry, we went for an Introductory Flight. We needed to get Special VFR Clearance to depart and enter the Whitecourt Airport Zone so the visibility was not as good as it could be. Joey enjoyed it and saw what type of weather the helicopters and pilots can fly in when they have some practice with it.
After the flight we re-fueled the helicopter and put it back in the hanger. Joey worked along with us to get this done.
We visited Northwest Helicopter Services, the Aircraft Maintenance Organization that does the maintenance on our helicopters. Joey got a bit of an understanding of the way maintenance is scheduled and how it is carried out. 
Joey stayed in Rotorworks Student House in Whitecourt to get an idea of the accommodations available, and to have a look at the town. He spent the evening in Whitecourt talking to Kurt Spelrem, a former student that is flying with a private company in an R44 helicopter, and Murray Keats, an engineer that works on our aircraft.
 Joey Lister with the R22 after the flight  Joey Lister with the R22 after the flight
 Northwest Helicopter Services facilities  Northwest Helicopter Services facilities
 Student House in Whitecourt