Whitecourt put on the "Hometown Heroes" Air Show honouring our past and present members of our Canadian Forces, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters and First Responders.The show included flights by the Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18 Demonstration Team, 431 Air Demonstration Squadrons Snowbirds, Team Rocket, (Hamon Rockets), Jerry Strzyz in the Sukhoi, Jim Hrymack in the Harvard, Ron Andrew in the Pitts, Bud and Ross Granley in the Yaks. There was also a demonstration with a Bell 212 doing some rappelling and water bucketing with Alberta Sustainable Resourses and a Convair Water Bomber.

 Snowbirds and F18 at Whitecourt Airport  F18 at the Whitecourt Water Bomber Base
 F18 departing for his routine  F18 pulling out of a dive
 Snowbirds in a tight formation  Snowbirds starting their "Starburst"
Team Rocket Pitts at the top of a loop
Sukhoi doing a tail stand off the runway Harvard departing for his flight
 Yak 55 (White) with Yak 18 (Red)  Yak’s coming in after their flight
Bell 212 with a Fire Fighter rappelling down Bell 212 water bucketing
Bird Dog leading the Water Bomber Water Bomber dropping retardant