Rotorworks has been doing some operational work and has been out moving seedlings and planters into cut-blocks for Millar Western Industries. Re-forestation is part of the logging industry and after the trees are harvested they are replaced with new seedlings to accelerate the growing process. A majority of the tree planters are university students that do this work during their summer break. It gets them out into other parts of the country and they see new country.
My crew was a pleasure to work with and had been at it since April. The work season for most of them was ending this week and they were looking forward to having some time to themselves.


Bell 206 helicopter in one of the cut-blocks that are to be planted. Another cut-block that had some trees
Tree Planting crew: L – R, Steve Shapta, Dave Marning, Owen Edwards Dave heading out to plant
L – R, Steve, Dave, Heather Heather working away
Steve, Heather, Owen, Dave L-R Dave Marning, Owen Edwards, Heather McAnsh, Steve Shapta