I would recommend Rotorworks to anyone who is looking at pursing their commercial or private license! When I attended Rotorworks I had some weaknesses and strengths when it came to different skill levels of the helicopter industry, but what was great about Rotorworks is that they developed those weaknesses into strengths and those strengths into something better. You are always bettering yourself as an individual and a well-trained pilot.

Rotorworks is like no other aviation school out there, what I liked about Rotorworks is their different styles of teaching and they were very patient and helped you every step of the way, and stayed by your side to get the job done. It was learning made easy. The small classes are what make you the best of the best. More concentrated 1 on 1 training always makes you stronger and always getting positive feed back from instructors to improve your skills.

There is no better feeling then going up for a flight with the well-experienced and well-trained instructors. You felt like you were in great hands, and always felt safe. One of the best accomplishments when you are attending your training with Rotorworks is your first solo flight; there is no better feeling than the feeling of accomplishment and the feeling of freedom. That first solo flight is a smile and it will be a smile on your face for years and years. And that picture will say more then a thousand words and you will always remember that first solo flight for the rest of your life. 

Rotorworks always made it interesting every day because weather was different theory or even a different cross-country trip. It always made you look forward to the next day. There were always great laughs inside the classroom and even during flights everyday of the week. You always went to school happy and left happy.  Jim Hofland, Ryan Cluff, and David Buckland deliver their information to help you understand it to the fullest potential. When you attend Rotorworks you are a part of a family, everyone looks out for each other and everyone is excited for each other’s success.

Curtis between Josh on the left and Mike on the right. Curtis beside the Robinson R22
Curtis beside the Robinson R44 Curtis practicing with External Loads