Annual Training and Pilot Proficiency Checks – (PPC’s)

Annual Training and Pilot Proficiency Checks are in place to maintain an acceptable standard in the aviation industry and are a requirement for all commercial helicopter pilots.

A number of pilots do not like having to go through their annual training and being evaluated. This can be stressful for pilots as it is usually viewed as a time of evaluation and learning or reviewing information they already know, don’t consider pertinent or don’t use.

The Annual Training and PPC should be looked at as an opportunity to improve knowledge and skills, find out what is new in the aviation industry and exercise information and exercises that may not have been used since their last training session.

Commercial Pilots needs a broad base of information as they can be tasked with a variety of jobs that are outside their normal area of operations. It is the pilot’s responsibility to know the procedures and regulations for operating in all types of airspace, airports, built-up areas and other tasks that may arise.

An open mind and attitude for learning will make these training and evaluation sessions a pleasant and progressive experience.

The PPC is a constructive exercise and any comments are meant to help the pilot with options to the way an exercise was conducted or how information was presented. A PPC should be a learning experience for the pilot as well as an evaluation.

Some pilots will review their last PPC to see where there was any weakness, and use this time to improve them. These pilots are a pleasure to work with as they take their job seriously and understand that improving their abilities is part of their commitment to their careers, company and customers.

A PPC is also evaluates a helicopter operator’s training program. If a pilot or pilots are found to be weak in some areas then the Chief Pilot and Company Training Pilots are informed and it is their responsibility to correct it.

Maintaining a high standard of operational skill and knowledge will increase the value of a pilot and company, as well as their level of safety.

“We are all in this together;” lets make it work.