Rotorworks took a customer out to look at a Hydraulic Fracture (Frac) being completed on a well near Edson. The company doing the "frac" was Schlumberger and the work consisted of high pressure pumps mounted on trucks pumping fluid down the well into the producing formation to push the rock formation apart. When the rock has been "fractured", then a sand slurry is injected to hold the fracture open after the pumping has stopped. This enables the oil or gas to flow through the sand more readily than the rock formation.

Wellsite where the Hydraulic Fracture was being completed. Trucks set up to suck the fluid out of the round reservoir and the vertical tanks
Red Fire Truck in the foreground for any  potential problems. Sand Trailers – right side, High Pressure Pumpers – middle, Nitrogen Pumpers – left side, wellhead in the middle with steel piping tied into it.
Photos courtesy of Michael Young, Mayday Resources Ltd.