Rotorworks worked with the Whitecourt Riverboat Association again this year when they hosted the World Jetboat Races on July 8th and 9th. It was a soggy year for it because of all the rain in the Whitecourt area, and some of race was cancelled on the last day because of difficulty in lanching the boats upstream at the Chevron Bridge on the Athabasca River south of Fox Creek. Some roads and bridges had washed out in the area which tied up traffic getting in the way of the boats. There was also high water with trees, logs and debris floating downriver that the jetboat drivers had to work to avoid. The following are some pictures of the Whitecourt Boat Launch with the high water.

Boats waiting for their trailers after the race down the McLeod River. River’s a bit high and covering more of Riverboat Park than usual.
                            Riverboat Park Railway Bridge on the course, a few trees coming down with the current.