R66 arriving at Northwest Helicopter Services Inc.


The Robinson R66 is in Alberta doing some cold weather testing for Certification. It was brought up to Whitecourt to have some maintenance work completed by Darcy Cornock at Northwest Helicopter Services Inc. Rotorworks Instructors and students were able to have a look at the helicopter and see it’s components as it was being worked on. The Rolls Royce 300 turbine engine was readily accessible to the aircraft engineers for the work they had to do. The aircraft has very good access panels for Inspections done by the pilot.
The cabin is wider than the R44 giving the pilot and passengers more comfort. The panel is very similar to the R44 with the exception of the turbine gauges. The manifold pressure gauge is replaced by a torque gauge, the lower panel is changed slightly to accomodate the Gas Producer Tachometer (N1) and Measured Turbine Temperature Gauges (MGT). There is one fuel tank gauge as the fuel tank is one compartment holding 73.6 US useable gallons of jet fuel.
There is a baggage compartment on the pilot’s side behind the back door that will hold 300 pounds of baggage. There is a large door giving easy access to a very useful storage area. There is also baggage areas under four passenger seats in the cabin.
The R66 is quiet when flying because the engine noise doesn’t carry very far. The cabin noise level is low making it comfortable for the pilot and passengers. The flight characteristics have the same stability and maneuverablitiy of the R44 with a slightly heavier aircraft feel. The pilot workload is low making the emergency procedures easy to work with.
It is a pleasure to see the R66 moving forward with the cold weather certification process. This will be a very workable machine in the Helicopter Industry and Rotorworks is looking forward to seeing it being flown in Canada.

R66 landed at Northwest Helicopter Services Inc.


Baggage Compartment.

Test Flight at Whitecourt Airport.

Rotorworks Team: L-R, Tom Bradley, Berahmand Kazemi, David Buckland, Ryan Cluff, Kyle Hutchinson (now Gemini Helicopters).

Ross and Darcy inspecting the engine.


R66 Instrument Panel.


R66 work complete; L-R, Ross Wadlow (Northwest), Jim Hofland (Rotorworks), Doug Tomkins (Robinson Helicopters), Murry Keats (Northwest).