Transport Canada’s Bell 407 landing on Rotorworks’ Pad

Transport Canada does regular audits on every approved Helicopter Flight School and Operation to ensure that the regulations and procedures are complied with. Rotorworks had the pleasure of their company last week as our records and procedures were reviewed. They were here for one day and gave us a couple of suggestions for improvement which we are working at getting in place.

Transport Canada is an essential partner in the Commercial Helicopter Industry. They work with the Operators, Flight Schools and Pilots to keep a high standard for the flying public. The Transport Canada Inspectors that work with Rotorworks have worked in the Commercial Helicopter Industry before working with Transport Canada, this enables them to help the operators with their companies and procedures. It is a team effort between the Helicopter Industry and Transport Canada.

  Transport Canada showing the student’s the Bell 407        Transport Canada’s Steve Smith explaining the
                    different instrumentation to Ryan
Transport Canada leaving for Edmonton