"Rotorworks School had a very realistic, challenging and professional program set in place. Some of their training exercises have a very realistic setting that you will likely come across in the beginning of your career as a helicopter pilot, for example, bush training facility. I found that as a student I learned very valuable information that you couldn’t just learn in a classroom or read in a book.

I think it would be hard to find any better instruction when it comes to Rotorworks. It didn’t matter if it was during ground school or in the air, each instructor had a different way to come across with the information. I found this a great way to learn — between the three instructors you could fully understand what they were trying to get across. When I decided to go to school I wasn’t too sure what to expect, whether you were going to sit in a cubicle all day or be left alone to figure things out. Well this wasn’t the case with Rotorworks. There was always great team atmosphere in the classroom and in the air. They would take the time to make sure each student fully understood each topic we came across throughout our studies.

I found that Rotorworks wasn’t just another school that taught you to fly a helicopter, they really get you ready for the real world in helicopter aviation. Anyone that is interested in starting a career in the world of helicopters, I highly recommend that you go and talk to Rotorworks and they will be more than happy to get you started and provide top-notch training anyone could ask for."

– Kyle Hutchinson 2010

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