Carson 2011

"If you are thinking of becoming a helicopter pilot, I strongly recommend Rotorworks. After checking out several schools, I found that Rotorworks, with their personalized, realistic, challenging and professional program were exactly what I wanted to begin my flying career. I found the instructing team very helpful and they made sure you understood what they were teaching. The Rotorworks team works hard not only for what they do but they work hard for you. All the instructors there, are operational pilots therefore, they understand the industry and will get you pointed in the direction you need to go to get started in this field. The chief flight instructor Jim Hofland has a wealth of knowledge in the helicopter industry. His experience and knowledge of the aircraft is a deadly combination to put you in the position to start your career as a helicopter pilot. When I graduated from Rotorworks they helped me land my first job and when I started it wasn’t a huge transition. It was just like being in school. The training and the environment were very similar. Rotorworks is located in a perfect spot to learn to become an operational helicopter pilot."

– Carson Walburger 2009