Rotorworks is currently working with three students for their Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licences. One is training with the Bell 206 helicopter and will be flight testing soon and finishing her licence. The other two are working with the Robinson R22 and are in the initial stages of their flight training. Two of the Rotorworks students are full time and one is part time and works in the oilfield in Northern Alberta on a 2 week on and 2 week off schedule.
Another student has just completed his Private Pilot Licence and will be flying his own helicopter for his company in the near future. Rotorworks will be working with him for his endorsement on his Rotorway Helicopter.
This spring, Rotorworks has been working with operational helicopter companies in Alberta and British Columbia to complete the annual training for their pilots. Our instructors work with the Robinson R22 and R44, Bell 206, AStar and Hughes 500 helicopter types for this training.
Our instructors are also working in the helicopter industry as relief pilots in the forestry and oilfield sectors.