Use the page from the CFS below to answer the following;

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A) What hours is the Whitecourt Flight Service Station open?

Comm section

Between 1300 – 0500 Zulu or 0600 – 2200 local time. Note the double + symbol means you must adjust for daylight savings time so the station will be open 0600 – 200 local time year round.

B) Outside of the above times what weather information can you expect if you looked up the METAR at Whitecourt?

Flight Plan (FLT PLN) Section

It states outside of hours the weather (WX) available is LWIS which stands for Limited Weather Information System. The standard LWIS will give you wind speed and direction, temperature, dew point and altimeter. There are other feature available on some LWIS' and the general section of your CFS under WX will give you more details.

C) What information if displayed in the OCC?

Airport Diagram

The OCC or Obstacle Clearance Circle gives the highest obstruction within the control zone rounded up to the next 100ft and then an additional 1000ft added on. Whitecourt shows 4600ft so the highest obstruction must be somewhere between 3501 to 3999 ft above sea level.

D) What are the dimensions of the Whitecourt Control Zone?

Airport Diagram

You will find this information around the Obstacle Clearance Circle (OCC) in the top right hand corner. The Control Zone has a radius of 5 nm and a height of 4600 ft above sea level.

E) How far from town is Whitecourt Airport?

3.5 miles W of town. This information can be found in the Reference (REF) section at the top.