A) Can you find your E6B?

If your answer is yes then your off to a good start. If it was no here's a reminder of what it looks like.


B) Using your whizz wheel calculate your ground speed based on the following;

  • 8 minute flight time
  • distance 13 nm
98 Knots 

Time is always on the inside of your wheel. Simply spin the wheel until your 8 minutes is under 13 nm. Your ground speed is on the outside scale above the triangle on the inside scale.


C) Using the above groundspeed how long would it take you to reach your destination if you had 80nm to go?

49 minutes

Your ground speed is already set from the last question. To get your time to go find the distance to go on the outside of the wheel. Time is always on the inside so whatever time is under 80 nm is your time to destination.


D) How much fuel in US Gallons is required for a flight expected to be 1 hour 40 min? Assume 9 US Gallons an hour

I hope you remembered your 20 min VFR fuel reserve.

18 US Gals

Spin the wheel and put the hour mark under gallons per hour, then find your time on the inside and read off the total on the outside.

1 hour and 40 min would require 15 US Gallons, then add your 20 min reserve to get 18 US Gallons total.


E) What is the density altitude of Whitecourt Airport (2567 FT Elevation) when its 30°c?

Just under 5000 FT density altitude.