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Sean March 2015

I looked into a few schools before starting my commercial license and Rotorworks felt like a good fit as soon as I walked through the door. Jim and Ryan were both very welcoming and took time out of their busy day to show me around the school and answer any questions I had.

The instructors have years of experience both at the school and operationally and that was a big consideration for me. Their knowledge from flying all over Canada is a constant part of the training and something that few schools can offer.

All the training areas used are also right on their doorstep so there is no time wasted ferrying back and forth to practice areas so you get a lot of time to practice what you are learning.

Training at Rotorworks was money well spent and after my license I was hired by Rotorworks as a ground school instructor and am now a full time flight instructor. If you are thinking about a career as a helicopter pilot I highly recommend paying a visit to Rotorworks before you decide on a school.