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Jeff Olynuk - Dec 2016
From the moment I arrived at Rotorworks I felt like I was part of the team.  Teamwork and comradery are stressed between fellow students and instructors.   The course is very "hands on", working both on and off airport you get a real taste of what to expect in the real world,  refueling helicopters from drums, putting on engine, blade covers and pre-heating them with Herman Nelsons.  There are also trips to the local Flight Service Station where you get a behind the scenes look at what happens there and get to meet the person on the other end of the radio.  Regular field trips to the local maintenance facility gives you a rare glimpse inside these machines and what makes the tick, the engineers are always ready to answer any questions you might have.
Jim, Ryan and Sean all shared their vast knowledge and different experiences in the industry and explained how I could apply that knowledge and skill as an operational pilot.  I highly recommend Rotorworks Inc. to anyone who is interested in pursuing a career as a helicopter pilot.