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Are you current?
A) How often do you need to fly to be able to exercise the privileges of your licence?

You must have flown Pilot In Command or as co-pilot within the last 5 years. If you have passed this time period you must, within the past 12 months preceding your next flight have passed the appropriate Transport Canada written exam (PSTAR) and a flight review with a licenced flight instructor.

CARS 401.05  Standard 421.05

B) What must you do every 2 years to keep current?

Within the 24 months preceding a flight you must complete a recurrent training program. This could be;

A) attendance at a Transport Canada safety seminar;
B) participation in a Transport Canada approved recurrent training program;
C) completion of the Transport Canada annual self-paced study program;
D) completion of a training program for a Pilot Proficiency Check, pilot permit, licence or rating;
E) completion of a permit, license or rating transport Canada written. 

CARS 401.05 (2) Standard 421.05 (2)

C) How many takeoff and landings must you do prior to carrying passengers?

5 takeoff and landings within 180 days preceding the flight with passengers. If you  hold a night rating and wish to carry passengers at night the takeoff and landings conducted during the day do not count. You must complete 5 takeoff and landings at night within 180 days preceding the flight with passengers.

CARS 401.05 (2)


D) As a commercial pilot how many take off and landings must you do to be considered a qualified pilot?

There is often some confusion around this one. If the company you fly for has the ability to take passengers (703, 704, 705 operators) you must complete 3 takeoff and landings every 90 days. It doesn't matter whether you are flying with passengers onboard or not. If you haven't flown for 90 days you must do 3 take off and landings before you start your revenue flight.

CARS 703.88 (1), 704.108 (1), 705.106 (1)