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R22 Systems
A) What type of fuel system does the R22 use?

The R22 uses a simple gravity fed system. The auxiliary tank is cross fed into the main tank and from there it goes down to the gascolator. This is the fuel filter and lowest part of the fuel system. It consists of a mesh screen and a settling bowl with a fuel drain. Have a look at the Robinson Maintenance Manual for more detail.


B) Why does the R22 have two magnetos?

Magnetos provide the electrical current for the spark plugs and the timing for each spark plug. There are two main advantages to a dual ignition system. The first being redundancy. Each cylinder has two spark plugs which are controlled by separate magnetos, if one fails that cylinder will still contribute power although you will notice a slight reduction in power and a rougher running engine. Another advantage is efficiency. Having two sparks gives faster and more complete combustion.


             Engine side of a magneto                      Each mag has four terminals 
                                                                                    which lead to a spark plug

C) What is the MEL provided by Robinson?

MEL stands for minimum equipment list and is found in Section 2 of the Pilot operating handbook. There are four items that must be operational before dispatch;

1) governer;
2) low rotor warning system;
3) alternator;
4) outside air temperature.

D) Name two system cutouts that won't allow you to start the R22?

If either the rotor brake or the clutch are engaged the helicopter will not start.

his is how many systems are wired through
the clutch on a Robinson Helicopter