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Human Factors
A) What is the definition of whiteout?

An unbroken snow covered surface beneath a uniformly overcast sky. As helicopter pilots we also need to remember we can put ourselves into whiteout conditions when landing in snow. 


B) What are the dangers associated with whiteout?

Due to the lighting conditions encountered in whiteout, it becomes impossible to see the horizon and the primary danger is disorientation. Have a look at the following Transportation Safety Board report for an example of what can happen in whiteout conditions.


C) What is the first symptom of Hypoxia?

Hypoxia is caused by the cells in your body not receiving enough oxygen. The fist sign of Hypoxia is a feeling of euphoria. The brain would normally be the first to indicate drecreaing performance but the pilot enjoys a misguided sense of well-being and may believe their performance to be much higher than it really is.


D) If you suspect Hypoxia what would your first action be?

If available use supplemental oxygen and the symptoms should start to reduce immediately. CARS 605.13 lists when oxygen is required on board unpressurized aircraft. Descending to a lower altitude and continuing your flight is another option.

E) What are vectional illusions?

An illusion of movement due to an outside movement. Like being at a stop sign when the vehicle next to you moves forward and you feel like you are moving backwards. Rain moving on the windshield can cause this illusion when flying.


Have a look at the Transport Canada book "Human Factors for Aviation" (TP 12863E) for more information on all the above.