Winter Operations November 2013
Dec 03, 2013

Loren Vanassen Bell 206 Training August 2013
Oct 31, 2013

Finishing Up and Starting Out
Sep 13, 2013

Solo Flight
Jul 17, 2013

Happenings around Rotorworks
May 09, 2013

Finishing Up and Carrying On
Kurt Spelrem, Chris Fehr and Deon Bakanec have all completed their flight test and are finishing up there flight requirements for the completion of their licence. Kurt and Chris are flying the Robinson R44 doing operational and external load training this week. They will be finished this week and they both plan to get out and talk to some helicopter companies starting next week. Deon is working in a camp in northern Alberta and will be finishing his flight requirements in the new year.
We spent some time out at the Bush Operations site for the advanced training for Chris and Kurt, and worked on confined areas, pad landings and navigation with Curtis and Josh. Kurt, Chris and Ryan will be working out of the cabin most of this week. Curtis, Josh and Mike are studying for their Transport Canada Exam and flying out of Whitecourt Airport.

  Chris Fehr working with the R22 in October  Chris and Curtis hooking up for Kurt
 Kurt hooking up for Chris  Departing with the load
 Covering the Helicopter for the night  Last Flight of the day
 Kurt Spelrem working with the R44  Deon Bakanec after completing his Flight Test