About Us

Rotorworks Inc. is located at the Whitecourt Airport, an easy two-hour drive northwest of Edmonton towards the city of Grande Praire, Alberta. Whitecourt has a population of 10,000 and the main industries in the area are the oilfield and forestry, two areas that need helicopter support.

Rotorworks trains their graduates for the operational requirements of the helicopter industry. Rotorworks students are active with helicopter preflight and ground handling, refuelling, off airport operations, helicopter preheating including winter cover installation and removal.

Rotorworks supports operational helicopter companies in Alberta and British Columbia with Transport Canada's Pilot Proficiency Checks and annual training requirements for their company's pilots.

Rotorworks keeps their instructors current with the changes in the industry and equipment. Rotorworks instructors have attended the Robinson Helicopter Safety Course at the factory. Rotorworks Instructors receive annual training for currency in flying, instructing techniques and regulations.

Courses attended by Rotorworks personnel include: factory training courses for Robinson, Eurocopter and Bell Helicopters, Transport Canada Pilot Decision Making, Company Aviation Safety Officer, Company Safety and Risk Managements, Safety Management System Program.



Jim Hofland, started flying helicopters in 1987 and has been doing operational flight training since 1989. He has been the Chief Pilot for Airborne and other companies working in support of the oilfield and forest industries across western and northern Canada. He started Rotorworks Inc. helicopter flight training in 2002. Jim had oilfield  experience before becoming a helicopter pilot.   Ryan Cluff, the Chief Flight Instructor has been working at Rotorworks since 2006 as an instructor and operational pilot. Ryan works as an instructor from September to June and then flies operational through the summer. Ryan has worked through BC, Alberta and Northern Manitoba.   Sean Pinnington was a student with Rotorworks and started teaching ground school on completion of his license. He is now an instructor from September to June and flies operationally for the summer as an aerial applicator for the forestry industry. He also flies pipeline surveillance throughout Alberta and BC.

Past Instructors

Kyle Hutchinson was a student at Rotorworks in 2009 and after he graduated he flew with Gemini Helicopters in Northern Alberta and British Columbia. Kyle started working with Rotorworks on a part time basis and is also working in the oilfield as an operator. Kyle brings a refreshing view of the helicopter and oilfield industry and how they work together.   David Buckland started with Rotorworks in 2008. David taught ground school flight training. During the summers, David worked as an operational pilot and has worked in Northern Alberta. David has a background in teaching internationally and has gone back overseas.   Adam Sloan started with Rotorworks in 2004 and worked with us as an Instructor for 3 years before doing general charter for various helicopter companies. Adam's has flown in support of Heli-skiing and the Forest Industry fighting fires. Adam is currently flying Phoenix Heliflight's EC135 helicopter out of Fort MacMurray, Alberta.

Some of the companies and services we work with:

Nav Canada

Helicopter Association of Canada

Robinson Helicopter Company


Woodlands County

Helicovers Whitecourt

Ridge Rotors Inc.

Kluane Airways Ltd.

Gemini Helicopters Inc.
Black Hawk Helicopters Inc.

Airborne Energy Solutions