Whitecourt Helicopter Flight Training

Your helicopter career will start with your training at Rotorworks. We will give you hands on training that will give you the ability to work in the helicopter industry today. Rotorworks Instructors are experienced commercial helicopter pilots and will pass this real world value on to you.

Training with Rotorworks gives you the skill and knowledge to step out into the helicopter industry with confidence. We are your team all the way to your first job, and your mentor and information contact always.

Check out our website and contact us on our “Contact Us” page.

Flying: a nice way to see the world. 

Hour Building

Rotorworks Inc is now offering discounted hour building rates for licensed pilots. You can fly with our instructor pilot Sean for $400 per flight hour plus GST in an R22. Give him a call today to book at 780 778 6600 or email sean@rotorworks.com